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c0a68f562ad235606c832c25a54120ba-1024x640Coffee, a powerful antioxidant and a major source of caffeine, is one of most sought-after commodities in the world. It stands second to crude oil and is an energy booster for millions of people all across this planet. It is grown in more than 50 countries across America, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Though produced in many countries, imported blends have become quite popular and are consumed by millions with the firm belief that they are drinking cups of the finest produce. That may be the partial truth…
From my years in the coffee trade, I know that coffee consumed a few weeks or even months after it has been roasted is in all probability stale. Here is a good explanation on the types of coffee beans Whether the ground coffee has been bought from Gloria Jeans or a supermarket really makes no difference. So, the large skinny latte you just bought from your local coffee shop is mostly probably stale coffee with hot milk.

Wake up to freshly roasted coffee

roasted-coffee-300x225Yes, it’s time to check what you are buying because the use buy date is not enough anymore. Ground coffee made from roasted beans loses its flavor 20 minutes after it has been ground, so, if instant coffees are promising you a rich taste don’t believe it. Most people who drink for the caffeine content don’t care about the taste and quite a few generations have grown up on that. So, in most cases, they are unaware of even the real taste of coffee.
The coffee plant is a fragile and sensitive one that requires huge resources and manpower for preserving its rich quality. The raw products have to be processed properly before they leave the country where they have been produced. In an attempt to meet the demands of the national and international markets coffee producers, roasters, and blenders forget the original taste of the product. They pick up all kinds of coffee beans which they roast, blend, and pack in boxes with an expiry date. So, your morning cup of coffee may not be the most fresh after all.

Be the conscious buyer

Image-For-BlogFinal-1For the coffee connoisseur, it is important to understand the difference between a ‘use by date’ and when the coffee was roasted. Anything more than a week from “roasted on date” is not worth buying. So while purchasing my bag of freshly roasted coffee, I remember to check where it was produced, the time of harvesting, and most importantly when it was roasted. Many companies sell freshly roasted coffee which are delivered to customers within 48 hours and you can get their contact number online. Locally roasted coffee beans taste much better because they can be bought locally without having much trouble and consumed within a few days. But for imported blends a lot of time is lost in shipping and the beans tend to go stale. Harvested green ones can be stored for a long time but the moment they are roasted the seeds start becoming rancid.

What’s wrong with imported blends?

Traveler's+Blend+CoffeePractically everything! The imported ones are made with the Robusta variety of coffee that has a greater amount of caffeine and is typically used for making instant coffee that is sold in the stores. The other variety is Arabica which is usually sold in specialty stores because it is the better of the two. All other espresso brands are made by combining these two. The dark roast coffee is possibly the worst of the lot. By roasting it for longer periods it becomes darker and easier to produce on a larger scale and in a consistent manner. It is best for mass scale manufacturing because the roasting process reduces the mass and makes it easier for packaging. The shipping cost thus becomes cheaper.
As the coffee travels from the country where it is produced to the one where it will be roasted there are ample chances of it getting spoilt because of improper storage. A dry and controlled atmosphere is necessary for preventing the beans from getting spoilt. They might also end up in a batch of beans set for darker roast which will surely change the coffee’s flavor vastly from what it should be.

The perfect roast

OB-US390_0925ro_D_20120925145219But all companies will not roast the coffee beans in the same way. The ones bent on mass scale production and profitability opt for macro roasters which produce tons of coffee every year. They simply mix their Robusta with high quality Arabica to maintain the quality and taste because they know that the customers will surely buy it without a grudge. There are also companies which are more conscious than the latter. They store the beans and roast them after receiving orders and deliver the same within a couple of days to preserve the smell and pure taste of coffee. These companies have their designated green buyers who seek out better varieties of coffee and purchase them from the producers directly. After investing so much effort in procuring the beans they take necessary care towards roasting the beans and ensuring the fresh roasted ones reach the customers. We have our inhouse blend roasted and packaged by and they also supply our coffee machines and brewing equipment for our store.

How to buy locally roasted beans?

But customers and coffee-lovers should likewise be conscious about their cup and understand how the production technique can make a difference in taste. I believe it is best to buy in a small quantity, espressions_roasters_hoch_3preferably, enough for a week and then restock when you run out of it. You can even grind your own coffee right before making a hot cup in the morning. While picking up the locally roasted variety choose a good supplier. The packaging deserves special mention because if the roasted beans come in contact with open air and elements like air, heat, moisture, light they will not last long anyway. Besides, you need to see in print how long ago the beans were roasted. See, if the package is a one-way valve bag because these allow the carbon dioxide that the seeds produce after being roasted to escape without allowing the entry of moisture and air. Also, see if the bags are thick lined ones because only those type of coffee bags keep the coffee beans fresh.

Make a steaming mug of coffee

For me, the coffee mug is more than just a source of caffeine and I prefer it made in the right way. The first requirement is clean water preferably the bottled ones. You may think it is unnecessary but try it once and see the difference in taste it will make. The next thing necessary is good quality coffee. If, by now, you have learn t that coffee-love-you-are-viewing-high-resolution-306977-1024x640locally roasted coffee is just the thing for good taste then get some from a good store along with a high quality pour-over coffee brewer, some paper filters, and a grinder to make that perfect cup of coffee. Enjoy the taste and smell of true coffee and you will never appreciate anything less than the best. I look forward to making my coffee in my special way every morning and I hope you will too. However, it has also been argued that the best coffee can be found at the source but the locally produced ones are a good way of getting closer to the taste if you are looking for coffee beans perth Also, it is a great way of supporting the industry that is closest to you and investing in your community right here.

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