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20140619-pourover-kalita-windowCoffee is a staple morning ritual for many giving the much-needed kick start to brain as the day begins. A cup of coffee from a nearby café can costs around $3.00 to $5.00 which may not seem that expensive if indulged once in a while but for those like me who enjoy 2-3 cups a day – the prices can add up. Many of us might find brewing coffee at home as another chore but with simple espresso equipment and beans from Golden Grove Espresso – you can easily achieve a great cup of coffee whenever you feel like it.

Choosing coffee beans

Here are some things you should look out for when buying coffee beans:
Fresh – always make sure to look out for beans that are freshly roasted for the best flavor. The freshest coffee beans should be roasted within 2 weeks as well as properly stored to maintain its freshness. The coffee beans should be only ground as much as needed to use right away as ground coffee beans tend to lose more flavor and go stale faster than whole beans.

Consider the aroma – Smell the beans before and after you grind them and purchase the ones that have the most pleasing aroma.
Flavor – flavor is another important factor when choosing beans. Of course, no one wants coffee which does not taste according to our preferences. There are a variety of flavors that come in coffee beans –freshbeans tasty, spicy, fruity, chocolaty, caramel flavored, etc. So choose the one that gives a good balance of flavors.

Try it out – we only learn from our experiences. Try different coffee beans to find out which one works for you.

Buy directly from us – Purchase high quality coffee beans from Golden Grove Espresso situated in Perth, Australia. We offer the finest quality of roasted coffee beans which provides a perfect combination of aroma and flavor which will help perk up your days. now that you have selected the perfect coffee beans, all you have to do is grind them and prepare them in your home coffee machine and voila! You have the freedom to enjoy a hot cup of Joe anytime you want and as much as you like.

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